Did you know?

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“Bus” is short for “omnibus” which

is the latin word for “for all”

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Yellow school buses first

appeared in 1939

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The first internal combustion

engine Buses, or motor Buses,

were used in 1895

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Blaise Pascal, an inventor, first

launched a bus service in Paris on

18 March 1662, he called it “carriages”

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The average city Bus weighs

between 11339,809 to

18143,695 kilograms

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My CiTi on average transports,

59 184 passengers every weekday

with the My CiTi buses covering a

distance of over 1 270 000

kilometres each month

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“BRT” doesn’t mean “Bus Replaces

Taxis”, but “Bus Rapid Transit”

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Before the 1920’s buses used

cloth curtains instead of

glass windows

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